GEOtext´s Sphere of Activities

- Do you have land suitable for a wind power project?
- Do you need help with developing your project?
- Do you need further capacity to bring your project to completion?
- Do you need to evaluate a project prior to financing?
- Do you need expertise concerning
small or large wind power related issues?
- Are you an international actor
interested in gaining access to the Swedish market?

GEOtext has been involved in wind power since 1997 as an independent company both providing consultation services and developing projects that today represent a total capacity corresponding to circa 360MW, with more than 200 MW still under development, together with 170MW with necessary permits but not yet commissioned.

GEOtext builds strategy, designs power plants, as well as conducts and co-ordinates project development through its various phases in order to ensure optimal financing and procurement. The overall aim is a profitable venture that is of interest to the owner even after 10-15 years of operation.

GEOtext plans and conducts all necessary activities involved in achieving a bankable wind power plant:
- feasibility studies
- project design
- wind energy prognosis and conduction of
industry standard wind measurement campaigns
- project development until necessary permits have gained legal force
- ongoing communication with authorities,
utilities, media, stakeholders, wind turbine manufacturers, etc.

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